The Thing With Dreams

“The thing with dreams […] is that they are yours to dream and yours to change and yours to live. Society did the first mistake when they bound dreams to the nightly hours- dreams permeate every second and every corner of every living moment…regardless of the fact if we are asleep or awake. I have met too many people who are walking around asleep, yet without dreams. But then there are others […] who never sleep and only dream, whose body rests but mind does not need to stop exploring, because true dreamers don’t get tired of dreaming; on the contrary they grow from it, they draw strength from it!” – Ivy-Victoria Otradovec


It’s a dream kind of day, today. And night, too.

No sleep, only collecting star

dust from dreams and

sprinkling it

throughout the world, because the world,

you know, only knows the dust that

paralyzes, veils, and grays it and everything around it.

So, in the wake of the day, the glistening sunshine, the bluest firmament,

I  fly.

Because, you know, I can.

It’s a dream kind of day, today. And week, too, and month.

Life – dreamed once and lived forever.

Or, maybe, the other way around.