A long while it’s been.
A long while it’s been since
we’ve drunk and smoked and been
like this.
the distance has subsided
once again
for just a little while
and so here we
are in the the smoky pub
on wooden, shaky stools
at the sticky, crowded bar
with cheap liquor, a zig or two,
and the old jukeboxsongs playing.
Here we are just like we always
when you’re back and I’m
from work and life and other things.
From love, too.
Some things change, others don’t, in fact,
much stays the same,
I think to myself,
as I laugh at your joke
– the one you always tell.
Much has stayed the same,
I think to myself,
like your heart
that I’ve held
every day
in the distance.
Did you know.
Does it matter.
So you speak, so I
speak, they interrupt.
We sit
and we talk.
We drink
more and more.
Then, we get up, stand, hug, laugh, hug again, and in the embrace, begin
swaying. Back and forth. Now, we are
Others join.
The jukebox shakes.
So do the old lamps above the bar.
And the teeth of the same old owner.
We’re back.
And before we swayingly
with starry eyes
and horse throats
slalom home,
you turn toward me and hold
my face.
There we stand in
the night.
You say
I know that you
know that, well,
a long while it’ll be.
A long while it’ll be til
we drink and be
like this
A long while it’ll be.

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