A Million Different Ways

There are a million different ways to

get to 10 and solve the math equation: 5+5, 999-989, 1000000/100000, 10% of 100, and many more.

cook dinner and satisfy the flesh: salad, soup, Geschnetzeltes, chocolate cake, pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan, Scotch, lemonade, and many more.

look and be healthy and be beautiful: top, pants, skirt, tie, bow-tie (I love them!), panties, no panties, bra, cup C, size 2, regular sizes and beyond.

walk and arrive: trod, sway, float, glide, dance (by far my favorite alternative).

speak and convey meaning: I’m gonna, I’m going to, Imma. 

teach and learn: by reading, by doing, by living.

lead and ameliorate: coaching, delegating, supporting, directing, including. 

pray and practice and believe and find a purpose: synagogue, carpet, no carpet, cathedral (That’s right. This is 1 hours away from my home in Germany! Gee!), one God, many, Goddess, none of the above, and so much more.

be intimate, make love and grow closer: with men, women, and both, and neither, and transsexual people and those of other gender expressions, all, before marriage, and during, and after, young, old, kinky and traditional. So many freaking ways. 

love: in thoughts, words, deeds, actions, silence, Humanly.

be human.

So. Why judge, and why hate. Why.