God is good and giving, but, alas, God is taken.

Taken, God is, taken away, far way,

by men wanting money.

Taken where, you ask?

Out of this world for sure –

there’s not much good, not much giving around, is there.

Only misery.

What’s He gonna do about it?

All tied up at the Apple Tree, tied up in doctrines,

He is told whom to love and whom not to.

When really, He is it, love.

Or was, once, anyway.

But, do not fear, we’re not lost, don’t have to be.

We’re not lost, because she, she isn’t.

She’s not taken, could never be,

not by men, not with money; she’s no prostitute.

You don’t own her, never, could never,

because she’s free, free forever.

She’s free, and she’s fierce about it, so fierce.

No excuses, ever, and no apologies either,

just being, becoming, becoming better.

She is Goddess.

She’s fearless, and she’s fabulous.

She is Goddess.