You who crawl in the face of Death,

You who fall into the Black Hole

deeper and deeper, all paralyzed:

What can reach you

so the black hole does not win, suck you in, and all that is around you,

so you can live, love, be free?


as long as you live from the outside in

not from the inside out,


as long as you’re deciding otherwise;

you’re dying

a little more and more

every day

every miserable day.

You who walk in the face of Life

you who fall into the routine that you call Your Path

the mediocre, average sameness of collection of ups, downs, steps, turns, and rocks:

At which crosswalk will you stop


and grow aware of your breath, your step,  your life,

change your direction,

embrace the twists and that turn

that will propel you towards the New, the Potential?

You’ve let go of control;

you’re putting one foot before the other, mechanically

yesterday, today, on all tomorrows. On all the same tomorrows.

You who live in the face of


Human Being,

You who fall into Love

with passion, hot, pulsing passion,

with life and its people

every time, with everyone


reach it

the world, this big, wide world,

that seeks, needs to be saved

with your passion, your fire, with your inside, from your inside. Your heart.


in the face of your neighbor, of God, of love,

you let your light shine bright, share the warmth,

and so forever, you go, you defeat death,

forever, you dance, you set the world on fire.