Whenever I fall in love

with lips, their stories, with shooting stars, with the motherly embrace, with your hair-electrifying fleece sweater, the crowded schoolyard during recess, the empty one during the long summer holidays, that ominous gust of wind, the prayer, the woolen socks that my or your grandma knit, the holes in them, too, the sunset and rise, the sudden summer shower, our red cheeks after sledging, my mother’s package, my father’s letter, that book that I read many a time,

with everything and everyone and all the alls under this firmament

during the spring storms and the summer rains, the many winters and falling autumn leaves, during all life seasons,

day and night, especially at night when only my hands can see, and my lips, too,

I just fall a little deeper and deeper

never fall out, fully,

always stay there, in love,

it’s then

that I keep a little something

a kiss, a wish, a laughter, a phrase, a word, a greeting, an embrace, a tear, a sentiment, a longing, a regard, a moment, many,

a little something, invisible, almost, but very real when it touches me, moves me,

I take it

without asking for permission

these tokens are abundant and free

for anyone

So I take it, I hold it, I hold it close, close to my heart, let it sink in,

so it becomes my amulet of love, my memory of that golden time, so it is integrated into my fabric, adding golden glitter to the colors, my blanket for cold nights, my rays of sun in the clouds,

and there it stays


becomes mine

and yours too,

because it’s become yet another new, ever-flowing well

well of love, of life

always giving

to us