Big, big drops fall

on the hot earth, the thirsty earth

on us, the lonely lovers

from above, up above

from that big blue firmament

that breathes with us, every day

in and out, always has,

that holds us in the foreverembrace, takes our loved ones, gives new life.

Big, big drops fall,

and wash

and clean

and cleanse, me.

There we stand, together, on the hot earth, breathing.

First, we stand. Then, we look up, reach out, touch, finally awake from the ice, the stone, and move

in the heat, in the rain, in the dark, the bright night.

You pick me up, lift me up,

twirl me around, set me down, hold me.

We dance, in the rain.

Big, big drops fall,

and feed

and nourish

and satiate, us.

Again, again, and again

you lift me up and set me down, gently,

again and again, we twirl, we dance

the raindance

right here, on our earth,

that is becoming mud, thick mud around our naked ankles

in which this little plant grows.

Big drops fall, and fall, and fall.

Graces are raining all around.

I could fall, too, right here.

Maybe, maybe I did, am. Maybe.