The Happiest

An ode to and from my heart, even though words will never, never be enough.

My heart, my heart, my lovely heart,

as you leap and leap again

pumping hot red blood along, and joy,

through my veins, my chest, my soul,

let me hold you for a bit, just a bit,

to tell you this:

As you carry the many memories

of the olden days, the golden days,

that fast, hot rhythm

of the hot summer nights,

with your red, soft palms,

double clap clap

as you caress them, their blissful moments, gently send them onward, upward,

through my palms, I hold,

through my fingertips, I mold,

through my lungs, I breathe,

I am, yes I am,

the happiest.

As you anticipate the promises of the coming days, the stunning days,

that fast, lively rhythm of the future times,

in your open, waiting palms,

double clap clap,

as you touch them, turn them, try them on, in my veins,

I begin to dance, with my feet, my face, my soul,

the dance of life, the sweet dance of love.

The tips of my toes, and that of my tongue,

matching your beat, singing your words,

carry me towards it, the golden horizon

on which my joys lay, there, between heaven and earth

like little flames of candles, each one holding a prayer

for the good in this world, the wonder- and the peaceful,

showing the way

towards you.

On this beautiful morn, the dark at night, the moments in between,

I wish, I wish

to you, my heart, my heart, my well, my everlasting well of joy, that this may never stop

this passionate beating, in my veins, my chest, my soul,

your beating,

double clap clap,

so I may dance to the soulsong of God

in all corners of this earth,

grab onto the hands on the way, my path, those of my neighbors,

that I find close to me and far away

that we may dance

until the end of time

so we can be

forever, together

the happiest.