Mama and Dad, you will recognize this. ❤

Just as a little, round rock is thrown

into the cold water

in the forest, the good, fruitful forest,

you were once created

on that chosen day

by man and woman, through God.

As the little rock falls and sinks

deep down, into the black depth

you, one day, join the rocks forever, in death.

So what the next pair sees, that pair of curious, innocent, unveiled eyes,

are the ripples, the lean, long, smooth, growing ripples

that the rock once, during its silent fall, created on the water, the cold, cold water.

What your neighbor feels, feels deep down within,

is what you leave behind

after you’ve gone, sunk,

into the grave, into the earth.

What you’ve imprinted

into the surface of this soft earth

this hot, moldable piece of clay

is what we see,

those who never met you

never have, never will

but know you

deep down within

in your deeds, your good, good deeds.