This song has lived

since the beginning of time

and in all ends of the earth,

in all of us.

In holy places and the rain,

it is sung and danced,

that song, the soulsong of man.

It is that one which you know

so well, deep within,

and she and he and they and all

and for which each one is missing

the beat

of that lockstep with someone

that makes one a pair.

That beat, once there, with one,

lifts your step

just above the ground

and lets the echo speak

in the valleys.

There it builds

the echo of the beat

and builds.

It swells like the river’s delta,

it chants like the storm

but it’s gentle, always gentle.

It gets carried by the winds, the strong winds

and reaches the lowly, the lonely, so swiftly.

It reaches the shore, and the sky,

just as I

when I take one step at a time,

letting the beat build

underneath my bare feet

that barely touch the ground

but cover it in speeds, high speeds

in not quite lockstep, but that rhythm that is similar.

And so it builds, the beat. So it builds.