In the beginning

every new beginning

there is a word

the one you learned back when you first became,

the one you experienced, made your own, and chose

for me,

your word.

There it is

right before me

so exposed, bare

and it’s on me

to handle it

clothe it

with care,

even if you didn’t,

treat it as if it is new

to my ears

as you mean

or might at least mean

something different

than I would, than I learned way back when I first became,

than I experienced with them out there, than I would have chosen.

Once I’ve heard it

smelled it, let it stir my memories,

held it, cradled it in my arms, my bosom,

tasted it in my mouth, the back of my throat,

once I’ve let it sink in, let it wonder through my veins and make my heart beat anew, faster, stronger,

I begin

anew, every time,

to meet you

on that line

that thin thread

that golden horizon

that makes us human

and so

so vulnerable.