When is then, Now

and Where is there, Here

So I stop. So I can hear the music, taste the mild wind, so I can be.

I stand there,


with my feet planted into the earth, into the moment.

I rest, I breathe.

Then, right there,

Now, here

I stick my toes out

into the wind

the warm summer wind

take a step

towards you

then one more

reach with my hands

reach yours.

There, you hold me,

only for a bit,

until the breeze picks us up

lifts us up

so there

above the ground

we sway

in the wind

back and forth

so softly

so lightly.

Your body and mine,

molded into notes, into the air, the warm air, into our arms,

move as one in two

so gently.

In the wind, the mild wind, the whirl, the twirl,

we harvest each note, hold it, tickle it;

with our finger tips, our toes

we collect them

in each step, in each move

so they connect us

with our hands, feet,

Our souls

the notes, the melodies.

So here, we hold each other, in our arms,

we hold the moment, in our hands

before it can slip away

into the wind, far away,

into the dark universe

lost forever,

in time.

You cradle me, we cradle it, we dance.

Then, gently, we throw it into the air

high above our heads

look at it glow, shine, sing

in the blue, wide, forever firmament.

From there, it rains down on us

our breakable silhouettes

in big drops

and sinks deep into our skin

Our Souls.

We don’t hide, we don’t stop,

where it’s raining passion

and youth,

we turn and move

we hold and sway

we sip, gulps.

Now, here, in the wind, we’ve heard them, the melodies,

we’re fed with hot passion

and gentle youth;

we are full, filled.

And holding each other,


resting in the echo of the last drum,

we trust:

It never stops, the soulsong. It never stops.

I. Love. Dancing.