It pours down my throat

hot, fast,

this something

with every breath I take,

I will call it


that it must be, surely,

what else could it be,

and into my every pore

even the smallest

out of my nose

back in

and into my lungs

through my every vein.

It quickens my pulse boom boom

my blood rushes to my heart

my heart, my red heart

that longs for this fire

and takes it in,

hot, deep,

then it flows down my back, lifting my shoulders,

high up,

it reaches my tickling finger tips

makes me clap and double clap clap,

I hug you so firmly.

Is this real

Here, I stand on my toes

my bare toes

and put my head back

towards the sun and the stars

towards you, your eyes:

I am rooted

in the earth

deep in this warm, living earth

and around your neck and in your hair

and in the universe’s breadth, it’s breath.

Here I stay

in goodness

standing in flames

– they don’t burn

they don’t harm

only bring light and warm

warm air –

breathing the air

that heals.

May this never stop.