With fierce claws

grabs it the earth by the neck

digs its nails deep into the flesh

the sun

and slows it down

so it walks in lockstep

with the head bowed down

with the oceans still

with the earthworm.

Mouths and shutters close

everything stops

to move

in the midday heat.

Slowly, I dare

take off my shoes

and reach out to the rays

of glistening sunshine

with my bare toes

touch their lean golden body

feel it move and twist and turn and burn beneath mine

erasing old paths

becoming new

with me  

in our youth and fire

and I take the fist step

into the light.

I begin walking faster and faster

until I skip and leap and glide

until I arrive at the middle

where I sit

with my feet dangling over the earth

with my heart skipping and leaping, echoing the long-ago beat of the old earth

that’s fallen asleep,

given in

wrinkly, seemingly forever

in the heat.

While cold clouds caress my skin

and reach deep into my pulsating veins

and renew my breath,

I see the night from afar

the cold and youthful night

that is coming to save us

and bring us joy