Translation of “Glück”, as this deep sentiment is true in both languages 

With arms so wide

I am standing here

up on my bare toes

the head tilted back

with warm winds caressing my hair

my face turned towards the sun

so that my nose might tickle

the glowing bellies of the stars.

It receives a fleeting kiss, my nose,

from the man in the moon.

What is this now

that’s moving me

that’s stirring my deepest self

and that holds grief and sorrow

with both hands

lovingly, knowingly into the four winds

so it learns to fly, to dance

by day and by night

the dance of love.

Before, I was captured

seduced, perturbed, caught in wafts of mist, blinded with white fog,

led to believe

that two fish and five loafs

just wouldn’t suffice.

“How could they.”

Now I’m standing here

liberated, free, redeemed

so deeply satisfied

so bright awake

chuckling, gurgling with joy

bursting with happiness

believing, trusting

on the mountain top

reaching up with my bare hands

up to the cross

built my man.

We chose this place, I who carried and man who built,

up here, near the skies

seeing that from this peak, perspectives change

feeling the coming kingdom

believing that there isn’t just enough for everyone;

but that there is bread and wine

in abundance

for all ends of the earth

until the end of time.