-Goran Kikic, German Author

Everyone said:

“That doesn’t work.”

Then someone came, who didn’t know this, and just did it.

My friend,

Dare to make a plan

one without an end

one without a friend

one with many turns

and then walk through the door

that leads to change.

Dare to leave your bag

and only leave with a pen

so you can write

and draw

and maybe change it one day for a song.

Dare to be silent

while you walk

so you can hear and see and feel

and receive

for once.

Dare to read the clouds

in ways you’ve never read before

and leave out the periods.

Dare to dance in the pouring, rare rain

drink from it again and again

take it into your skin

so it might become the water

of life

that cleans your clogged veins.

Dare to kneel down

on the wet pavement

after the storm

to tie your laces

and smell the red flower

that might be poisonous.

Who would have known.

Dare to sleep in the grass

by the big rocks

under the black skies

that have seen it all

so you might breathe

the air

of eternity.

Dare to love the night

the blind companion in the mud next to you

the passionate steam on your body

the transparent veil.

Dare to wake up, not knowing whether and why, just that.

Dare to turn your head

and see the face

next to you.

Dare to touch the face

and the body

and the mouth

of Lotus blossoms.

Dare to rest there

under the tree




Dare to feel solitary.

And then, before you return home, my friend, my dear friend:


to dream

how it could be

if only one thing was different.