Vision Hands

“What is it like to be you, Little Me?”

“You mean to be little?”

“Yes, to be little, to be you.”

“Well, are your arms, legs, belly, mind strong?”

“They surely are! A few pains here and there, but overall, I’m fine!”

“Are you conscious and excited to be standing where you stand?”

“Yes I am. I wonder sometimes, if the grounds will hold me and not crumble underneath me…”

“Are you impatient to take your step into your direction? Can you feel the urgency?”

“I am! I’m nervous, too.”

“Are you vehement and confident in your plans?”

“When the plans have a beginning and an end and an A and a B, I am! Sometimes too much so, I think.”

“Are you demanding? Do you want it all?”

“Yes I do, which is frequently the problem, I think.”

“Are you ready to go?”

“I am.”

“Well there you go. It’s that simple. You’re it. You talk like a Big, but over all, you’re it. You’re whatever you want. You’re your own imagination’s most fantastic dreams, every day in every way! Just like you were then, when you were Me, you’re Me, now, too.”

“But I can’t move as you are moving so easily. I simply can’t move.”

“Well, old, rusty, dusty bones, take your eyes off the road for a second. Let go of the Big talks and walks. Reset your focus. Can you see those hands around you?”

“I do.”

“Well, take them.”

“But I’m big.”

“No you’re not. You’re bigger, not big. Take them. They held you then when you thought you were big – and were – and.. just needed a little more stability. And they are still there today; they never left. They grew a little more wrinkly, that’s all. And the wrinkles will do you good, because they’ll remind you – your skin is still soft. It’s rough from the winds of making so many leaps as a little person, that’s all. Take some rest, and take these hands.”