Love Is

Love Is

the artistry of God.

blind and blinding.

connecting colors, shapes, and sizes.

drowning in the spread arms of humanity.

eternal gratefulness.

FREE. It doesn’t cost. But it comes with costs.

God and God is love.

here and now.

instantaneous and immediate! It brings such a sense of urgency with it!

jargon for “Let’s do this together”.

knowing not by fact but by feel.


making mistakes and learning from them. And knowing that mistakes are part of the endeavor.

the natural naissance of God on earth.

oh such a sweet song.

peace. Exciting peace.

a queer quest.

remembering one’s origins.

the superlative of creation.

touching your chest and feeling your heart beat.

uplifting for spirit, mind, and heart.

versatile in its appearance and timing.

wherever you are.

xx, xoxo.

yearning for the everything right now and right here.

a zig zag line through life. It is not a straight shot.