This post was inspired by a long, insightful conversation that my friend Braxton and I had this past weekend.

We map the path out, with our family, friends. Sometimes even with strangers.

We pack our bags, and we make the first step, and the second, and the third.

And so we climb, and climb, and climb.

We read the road signs as best we can – they seem to be written in a foreign language.

We get to a fork and don’t know which road to take.

We stop to ask for directions. (Us women at least, the men continue to go in circles for a while…)

So we try the left. Or the right.

And on that new path, we see new flowers, new animals, glowing, timeless sunsets.

We march through sunshine, and through storms.

We overcome obstacles, many obstacles.

We find old, big, heavy, and small and rusty keys and open doors.

We meet new people.

We dine with them, by the side of the road.

We wash each other’s dusty feet at the end of the day.

And sometimes, there is too much fog to even see the next step, or just no energy left, or the road sign just doesn’t make sense.

Is that the holy spirit using his fire tongues, his foreign language, telling us to take a break, get some rest? To take the train and go home? To quit?

I don’t know, but I have faith in our hearts as they are strengthened by faith, family and friends, fearlessness, and love. As long as we discern, pray, and follow them, I believe we will feel – not necessarily see – the direction that we are headed in. The emotional eyes will know, even when the real ones can’t see. We will walk that path together, make the best of the talents we were given at birth, and serve others. And we will take wrong turns, make detours, make mistakes. And with those who believe in us, we will get back on track. For another turn, another cruise, another kick and push.

You are in for a treat: check out Braxton’s website. He is a very talented Jazz musician and composer.