These are the women

who make a difference in my life.

Every day. Wherever I am.

Oma, my grandma, and the only one I call this name, because the other one passed away too young. Who is allowing her children, grand-children and great-grand children to teach her new perspectives every day. Who taught me story-telling and how to pray.

Marianne, my other grandma, who, even though I never met her, met me through her children, my aunt and my father, in more ways that I know. Who watches over me from above. (See – superwomen are everywhere!)

Mama, my mother, and the only one I call this name. Who loved me so unconditionally before I was born. Who will forever love me. Who I try to be like every day. Those of you who know here will agree… she’s incredible.

Theres and Claire, my two sisters, my wings, my truths, my two thirds, my heros.

Svenja, the first best friend I ever had. My neighbor no matter where I am and where she is. Happy moving in with Seb!

Charlotte, Jill, who formed the Quintett with Svenja, Theres and me. Sisterhood doesn’t stop with blood! That’s where it starts, for some, but it goes way beyond that!

Ota, who knows more languages than anyone I know and who speaks all of them fluently. Who has been single (almost) all her life, who has kept her name (almost) all her life, but has loved nonetheless. Go Ota!

Mechthild, who is artistic and lingual and a phenomenal teacher: She has more children than anyone I know. Who is the biggest supporter of education and educates many young people every single day and in more ways that they can even fathom.

Sascha, who came into the family and stayed. Who does more for others than any other mother around! She sometimes goes against the conventional rules, and hey – it works!

Miriam, my best friend with whom I talk career, profession, men, sex, and everything else over dinner, skype, and wine. My friend with the most men (and women, probably, too) in love with her than ANYONE else I know.

Rizaan, my South-african sister with the most enthusiastic, uplifting, non-judgmental attitude I know.

Mrs. Yermack, Mrs. Christiansen, who brought and kept me at my dream school Rabun Gap-Nachoochee School, GA, USA.

Aunt Connie, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Linde, who were my dorm parents at RGNS index.cfm. Who gave me my first home away from home.

Chrissy, Abbey, my first best friends in America. Without you, I would have never learned to love the American culture the way I do now.

Katie, Margaret, Natasha, Aine, and all the other wonderful Smithies with whom I celebrated, loving men, and women, and the dignity, beauty, and emancipation of them and us all.

Colleen, Clara, Jordan, Vail, Catherine, Andrea, Rehana, Zoe, who make me believe live that women need. to. lead. more. At banks, at big corporations, in the governments, all around. Because we are damn good at it.

Ashley, Jackie, Katie, Stef, who are my first supervisors. And mentors. And advisors. And just much more than all of those words can say.

And so many more.

Mother Mary. With whom womanism began. Go Mary!