Crafting a Lifeline in the Sea

This is the final piece that I wrote for my Craft Studies class. The assignment was to “give the reader an insight into your writing life”. 


It’s that bench

Where I sit with my bare legs crossed so you can’t see what’s under my skirt

In the wintertime

Janus looks backward and forward, never at me

Always has been and will be, never is

Because of the different tongues he knows and can’t speak

the different places he knows all too well and can’t combine

in space or time

There’s only one body

And Holy Trinity

Holding my ink drenched hands

Being left-handed and writing with fountain pens is like walking on water without being Jesus Am I Praying

For the next two lost souls to walk by

And get stuck on my wet hands, in my desperate embrace

Hoping for the blue translucent water words to freeze, quickly, and connect us, painfully, as three

So I don’t have to sit in the blue sea alone

So I can go home, too

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