Happy birthday MOM!



Birthdays, aside from the Catholic holy days, are our favorite celebrations in the Guntram-house, whether Papa likes making big strides towards 60 or not. Every of the 15 years, I tiptoed down the wooden stairs, in my pajamas, carefully skipping the 8th from downstairs, giggly and nervous with anticipation as can be.

Dear Sophie,

1 Part birthday gift

1 Part Advent package

1 Part greetings to all

Maybe you’d like to give a few chocolates to your friends. I’ll send you some.

Love you much!

Your Mama

I slowly opened the living room door. And there it was: the family, the little table with the white table cloth on it, the candles with the life candle in the middle and the gifts and cards surrounding it, the breakfast on the large wooden table. The happy mouths sang, the wide arms embraced, the words congratulated.

Happy 19th birthday to our beloved birthday girl!

In case the other packages don’t make it to you in time, here is a card for you, delivering the first part of the big gift bag.

We wish you a long, exciting, successful, happy new lifeyear. Your twenties are beginning and with that suspense!

Have a good time!

Your mom, dad, Claire, Theres, Renata

I woke up. I saw five smiling faces looking right at me, and in the middle, there was a big cake with burning candles on it. It smelled like birthday. It was my 19th birthday! “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Sophie! Happy birthday to you!” My best friends sang, cut the cake, poured tea, coffee, and orange juice. I blew out the candles and made a wish. That he would kiss me, which he later did. Birthday wishes always come true. We ate; we celebrated. We began the day the way I began my new year, and I ended the day, kissing him, the way I ended it.

Dear Sophie,

For your 16th birthday, we sent you a package to America, and to your 17th, 18th, and 19th. Now you are already celebrating your 20th birthday!

Happy birthday and so, so much love, luck, and health, success and happiness, sun in your heart and contentment in life. Your third life decade is beginning—the suspense continues.

0-10 Life is created and begins, motion, language, emotions, family is central

10-20 Knowledge, life path develops, friends are very important

20-30 Studies, profession, partner, far-reaching life decisions

As previously said, the suspense continues.

We all hug you!

As it is the end of September (?)- very impressive, mum. right now, we hope that the package gets to you in time.

Your Mama, Papa, Theres, Claire + Renata

You stopped at 30, and I cannot wait to receive a note one day, foreshadowing the 40s, 50s, and 60s, as every year is full of elegance and joy, according to you.