Ivy, A Dedication


You are strong. So strong.

You are small compared to the big stems, the sky scrapers, the manmade, but you come in numbers, in masses, in green.

Your leaf is trinity. Three in one, one, many, interconnected. Your green, hopeful blood flows from the middle, from the stem, from the root, everlastingly to the corners of your hands, your three fingers. The world sees your shades of green.

It hopes

You grow

Ivy, as you grow, I lose sight of your beginning, your end. Actually, I never knew your beginning. So you are becoming many, you are becoming more. You have leaves, so many leaves, arms, hands, fingers, that wrap around things, feel their surface, take their energy in. You climb, climb, climb until you are above the horizon, above the rainbows. People can’t follow you up that high; so they say “You suck blood”. They judge you, always. They don’t know any better, because your origin is so far away. And your nature is so different. You compensate for the missing mystery that was not in the milk. So there is the explanation, world. She has to, to survive. It’s how she works. It’s in her nature, given from the Tree of Life from which everything begins and in which everything ends.

Ivy, you also have a world name. Given from the Mother of Life, and it’s beautiful: Winner, The Victorious One. Together, your name is that of a goddess who is eternally reigning over the landscape, the landscape over which the sun forever rises and shines and sets. You reign with hope, with the sun and wind and earth, with the seasons, with the experiences of other beings. You live, and you live in multitude, multiplying faiths and minds. You are one in many, exploring always. You are a good friend.

[Picture Source: http://www.cepolina.com/]