It takes a seed to grow a Cherry Tree.

The seed needs earth, sunshine, and water, and it needs other trees, sometimes. It needs the normalcy of the natural rhythm, the universe’s breath to bring the seed’s life above the earth. The little green offshoot will grow and grow and grow, and it will spread its twigs towards the sky. It will bring fruit, many fruit, and it will multiply throughout the seasons. It will die in the winter and come back to life in the spring.

The Cherry Tree will become a refuge for animals, other plants, and humans.

It takes stone and an ingenious plan to build a Cathedral in Montepulciano.

In a great mind, it starts. The pencil puts the lines down so the Lord’s house can become real. The architect then assembles the workers around him, and together with their strong hands and much machinery, they choose the first stone and put it where it will then stand to support many others. The walls then stand there, forever. In sun, rain, holiness. It takes God to search for a new home to become a Cathedral. The walls then soak in people’s prayers and become holy.

They become a home for God and His People.

It takes Everything to raise three Children, three Daughters.

It takes a man and a woman, it takes the love between them so they can become father and mother. It takes their courage to take on this new creation, this life. It takes patience to let it grow. It takes wisdom to let it be its own person. It takes money to provide for it and give it a decent life with a roof, food, clothes, medicine. It takes talking and reading to so it can learn. It takes so much knowledge to answer all the questions it will have and ask. It takes time, so much time, to be with it, mold it, let it be. It takes honesty to tell them about the world as it is. It takes experience to let it collect its own experiences. It takes rules to set it free. It takes a clear mind, an open heart, it takes so much trust, it takes a solid relationship between mother and father and family and friends, it takes everything.

It takes God to hold the children in his hands.

It takes the belief in God to trust that everything will be alright. That the child will change the world for the better. The daughters will become the future of the world.