Take This Compliment


You have stolen

our neighbor’s schooling with your bullying

our neighbor’s eye sight with your fists

our neighbor’s arm with a gun

our neighbors’ lives with a grenade

our neighbors’ children with a machete

You’ve created disability

You’ve left people in loneliness

You’ve spread angst

You’ve destroyed bonds

You have stolen

our neighbor’s learning with your bitterness

our neighbor’s ability to love by taking his wife

our neighbor’s trust in promises with your betrayals

our neighbor’s belief in a different Messiah with misusing Scripture

our neighbor’s right to know the truth with lies


You have stolen

and committed the worst crime of all.

You’ve taken from other people because you’re afraid that you don’t have enough. Because you are afraid.

And the only thing this world knows is to react with more

bullying, fists, guns , grenades, machetes,

and even more

bitterness, cheating, betraying, misusing words, telling lies.

You steal the our neighbor’s humanity and the world steals yours.

Because both of you are so afraid to not be powerful enough to overcome

So now you both are naked

you and the broken world

stripped from it all

and start anew

if you haven’t died and are willing to listen

listen to the saving grace and the healing mercy


Do not fear

You are human

You are someone, not somenone

You are imperfect, not inadequate

– So am I

Everyone is

Together we are less imperfect and more like The Image we were made after.

You are great

You have what it takes

You are worth it, deserving

You are good

If you want to be, if you only try

You are the light


Do not let fear take your flame.


Meet fear with love. Love prevails.


Be the light.


Do not fear.



you meet me, and together, we are some twos,

who have more light to be shared with more,

who are greater,

who are less imperfect and more like a whole.

So it’s an Us.

And when someone steals again, we have more to give

so they don’t have to steal anymore.