Reaching Reminders

I dig my fingers into the moist, hot night air, grabbing handfuls of steaming droplets and shoving them behind me and to the side. They are all around me, clenching onto my body and gripping onto my hair. With each stroke of lightning, I turn around to see if I can find your face in the darkness. After each rolling thunder, I listen for your comforting mumble.

Once the black clouds are pulled away and the morning sun shyly begins to warm my skin through the curtains, I sit up. There’s a strange peace in the fresh air that is coming through my open window into my room, and it’s filling me with a deep sense of happiness. I hold it with my hands, press it into my chest, and smell its flowery scent. It lies on my rising and falling chest like golden glitter. It’s here to stay. For a little while.

Then I go to the window, take it, and set it free. Like a white dove it spreads its wings.

Travel, travel into the world, and do to the people what you do to me. Make people believe that “good people will prevail.”

Christian Tobias said this to me last week, and it is just so true. Never forget, never.