dark red secret

i’m walking through the hot air

that you breathe into my neck

that is rising from the pavement and the bricks, kissing my feet

i’m slowly moving, digging, swimming through the thick air as if it were hot water

because it’s that kind of night

when the sun brought the puddle to boil during the day, making the droplets linger right above the earth

when the red wine is bittersweet

when lovers make love make promises make plans feel young and sinful

it’s that kind of night a warm night a soft night a passionate night

it’s dark as well dark as your skin

that your fathers brought from Africa from under the red African sun

that smells like the brown earth like fire like burning stars like rust like blood

it’s caressing like your touch it’s wanting like your teeth

and as my fingernails dig into your skin

i see the red

of the dawn