Saving Worlds

Have yourself a smile today:

A big smile, a small smile,








a shy, an innocent, a bold, closed, open,

heartfelt, trying, warm, welcoming, believing,

teeth-white, moustache-embraced,

boundless, bright, breathless, bubbly, chuckling, coquette, sexy, seductive, seldom, red,








desperate, giggling, grinning,

daring, gargling, gracious, wrinkly,

guffawing, howling, roaring,  snorting , cackling, sniggering, a broken, and a tearful one.

People in Singapore and in Rome, in Pech and in Kalakamati, in Bethel and Nagadan, in Jerusalem and Nikolajewsk, in the Bronx and in Johannesburg, near your home and far from your home, will understand you. I will understand you, no matter what language you speak. I will see your mouth and your eyes tell the story of the good, of the pleasant, of the soft, calm, happy, peace, trust, light, compassion, strength, gratitude, food, shelter, love, decent, solutions, colors, answers, responsibility, community, similarities, of the worth it. I will see your story. I will see the Human in you. And God’s image. And because I might not speak your language to tell you how beautiful your smile is, I will respond by showing you my part of God’s image, my Human, my story, in a smile. In my eyes, in my mouth, in my body language. In our language.

Try it, I dare you. Try it once, try it twice. Try it. Try it with one of the many that you can choose from. Choose your mood. Choose the smile. Try it with me and then try it with harder hearts that have stopped smiling. There are hearts out there who have forgotten how to love because they’ve been broken so many times. Don’t worry. They can heal, with smiles. They can rest in your smile and recover with as much times as they need. Some need a day, some need two. Some will start when you least expect it and will smile back at you in the darkest hour of their life. All will find refuge in it, because it forces the bad to disappear. It is virtue and understanding, it is simplicity. It is one and it is all, because it makes others imitate and begin anew as well. It makes itself a home. It has family. It has you and me. It has all the power that you give it. If you believe, it will cure you. Appease your mean, hurting, jealous neighbor.

Have yourself a smile today, and save this world one smile a day.