Without Words

Thank You

Köszönöm (Hungarian)

Mulţumesc (Romanian)

Danke (German)

Dear donors,

Thank you for sending me money. With your money, Learning Enterprises will continue its teaching mission abroad with underprivileged students, and I will continue to help Kiskereki’s school to be finished. I appreciate the small and large sums that you have given to LE and to me personally very much!

Dear fellow LEers,

Thank you teaching with me! You are my first teaching colleagues, but more importantly, you are friends to me! We went out into the world together, and we have become a really good team. LE love to wherever you are. Be safe!

Dear friends and dear family-members,

Thank you all so very much for supporting my teaching project in Romania this summer! With your words of wisdom, money, cards, emails, phone calls, reading eyes, hugs and smiles, you have made this trip possible, and I appreciate your interest and effort very much! Especially you, Omas und Opas, have instilled this passion in me, and my teaching career has now officially begun. I cannot wait to see where, when and under which circumstances it will continue.

Dear teachers and professors of mine,

Thank you for all you have done for me. You taught me to be of service to others, and I realized that working with (these) students, I can pass forward not only English vocabulary but love, peace, and joy. I can leave a piece of my heart and get one in return.

Dear host-family, dear Nyíri-family,

Thank you for hosting me, for opening up your home for me! Elza and Sándor, thank you for caring for me like your daughter! Lídia and Tamás, thank you for treating me like your sibling; I especially enjoyed our open and honest conversations in the fields and by the lake. We laughed together, we cooked together, we cried together. For everything, thank you!

Dear headmistress Erika,

Thank you for letting me teach in your school! You gave me a classroom, a chalkboard, pieces of chalk, and the privilege to teach your students English! In addition, you cooked for me and were there for me even though you did not know a word of English.

Dear students,

Thank you for receiving me with such open hearts! You came to my classes every day, and you came with smiles on your faces. You repeated my words. You came up to the board. You tried new games. You used body-language and drawings to overcome the language barrier. You brought me gift. You learned willingly. You taught me so much.

Köszönöm szépen everyone!