The Cure

           From My Mother

           For My Mother

She was crying.

The tears rolled


They told

Were bold

Let the emotions unfold

Sought to mold

The void

In the fold.

Sought the hold

Of the One and Only.

And she came

The Mother

And called her

By her name.

And went on to proclaim

In complete silence

With perfect guidance

That she would tame.

And yes she did

So elegantly

With her voice bathed in felicity

And a closed lid

What Mother’s do:

She healed

And sealed

Before the fissure grew.

She held her closely

In her arms

To exclude it all for now – harms


In the embrace she re-bore

What love had born

What the world had torn.

It was quiet, by the bosom’s shore.

Then the world, it bowed

And was still

Realizing it was ill

And sang her a silent ode.

A mother’s cure

Is ever so small:

Fighting the thrall

And freeing the pure

That’s deep inside

Moved back and forth

By emotions thenceforth.

All will abide

To the motherly embrace.