Preparing and Planning

The overarching theme for the time I have with the children and adolescents is: THE YEAR. I chose this theme, because it will allow for all students to identify with the different themes that will naturally flow from one to the next. This way, the students will connect the new vocabulary and grammar structures with real-life moments that are all interconnected.

Each of my two sessions consists of three weeks. I am subtracting two days at the beginning and one day at the end that we will spend getting to know each other and saying good-bye. I will divide the remaining 12 days and spend three days on each season—spring, summer, fall, winter. Each day will get one month.

Day 1 Hello! “My name is…” Distribution of binders, setting up the weeks together

Day 2 Birthdays, making a calendar, introducing the year, the months, and numbers “I am … years old…”


Day 1 (March) Beginning of new year, sunshine, plants

Day 2 (April) April Fool’s

Day 3 (May) Easter, Easter-egg hunt, making and decorating Easter-eggs with paper and crayons


Day 1 (June) Going shopping: ordering in the market place, making of different fruits and vegetables and selling/buying them – then gluing them into the binder

Day 2 (July) (August) VACATION TIME: Where are we going? Geography: mountains, lake, beach, forest, granny’s house and how are we getting there? Bike, train, walking, car, airplane even?

Day 3 (August) swimming, hiking, biking, visiting grandparents and family, etc. “I’m packing my suitcase”


Day 1 (September) Forest and Trees: Making of leaves and putting them up inside the classroom

Day 2 (October) Thanksgiving: Blessing of harvest and produce

Day 3 (November) “Kartoffelstempel”


Day 1 (December) Advent, Christmas

Day 2 (January) New Year’s Eve, Future

Day 3 (February) Snow, snow-man, sled, ski, gloves, hat, shawl, hood, playing outside

Last day together: finishing binders, exchanging gifts with each child

Each day will consist of the same structure. The components incorporated are to read, write, speak, play, build, and move around. We will begin and end with standing in a circle. At the beginning we will say the prayer

In the early morning,

With the sun’s first rays.

All God’s little children

Thank and pray and praise.


We will conclude in our circle by saying one word in different languages, since we are each bringing different languages into the experience together. These words will range from THANK YOU, SEE YOU, GOOD-BYE, GOOD NIGHT, HAPPY DAY to “Thank you for a great day together”, “Today was a good day” and “See you again tomorrow”. If there are not that many languages, we will each find words to express each of these themes and share them before parting.

Each child will get a little binder:

The binder will be divided into four sections—one for each season. Each section will be decorated with a cover page for the season and different pages on which we will collect pictures, short passages, and other course contents.





There will be a jar on my desk with sweets. I am not yet sure how to go about the distribution, but the students and I will work it out somehow, I am sure.