Meet Me

Meet me by the water fountain

So we can listen to the gargling stories of the water.

Meet me near the lantern outside

So we can dance in its gown of light.

Meet me and smell the tulips’ fragrance

So it can carry us away.

Meet me in the high grass in the field

Where we can listen to the bees’ hum.

Meet me underneath the grand oak

Where we can sit on the wooden bench and reminisce.

Meet me by the cross roads

Where we can read the road sign together.

Meet me by the old ruins

Where we shall celebrate our youth.

Meet me where the ocean’s rippled waves arrive

So we can leave footprints in the sand.

Meet me where the sun is shining

So we can balance together on the horizon.

Meet me somewhere under the rainbow

Where you and I are only two of many colors.

Meet me in the street, near the Middle

Where we will walk on gold.

Meet me halfway

So we can be equals, equal, in this.

Meet me.