Last Week 04/01/2011-04/08/2011: April Weather

The sky is busy.

What other seasons do separately from one another, April does all at once. What other months do in a month, a week or a day, April does within one hour. In one hour, April’s complete set of registers gets poured out onto the earth’s fields:

At 0, the sun is shyly shining, it’s chilly.

At 10, clouds start covering the sky, it’s cooler.

At 20, a breeze is coming up.

At 30, the first lightning strikes and at 35, the thunder growls.

At 40, the breeze grows into an angry storm.

At 50, the thunderstorm is in full swing. The sky is a chaos.

At 60, the spectacle is over and the cloud curtains get raised. It is warm now, people put their umbrellas aside and take their jackets off. Cafés put their chairs and tables back onto the sidewalk.

April sums it up, the fulness of life. Everything happens at once all the time. Everything is always a surprise. Then, when it is happening around you, you have got to react quickly, spontaneously. You have got to be prepared. And take the load with a smile. If you want to understand life, wait for the 30 days of April.

Let the snow flurries kiss your nose while they are falling.

Hold your face into the sun while its shining.

Dance in the rain while it is pouring.

Go with the flow. Play it by ear. Do not get stressed out.