To Be A Woman

Imbedded in colors of
rose and pink,
good odors, expectations to obey, and the
fear to grow strong, beautiful, and powerful,
the baby-girl’s bed turns into the origins and roots of all the little – and not so little – surprises that await women on a regularly.
Happy birthday!
Once won one half of the jackpot, she is daughter, niece, sister,
later on girlfriend, wife, aunt, godmother, mother, granny.
Welcome to the first steps in this world as a
blond, red, brunette, black, white, yellow—
welcome behind a façade that is undeniably very
important and crucial
to and in the
World of Men.
Long-legged, softly-skinned, bright -eyed, long-haired, fully-lipped, thinly-wasted (YET well-curved) short-haired, good-butted, fully-breasted and healthily-formed are attributes that are on the wish- and want-list everywhere. To
mean and move
something in this world, external beauty is
secretly and openly
desired in
offices, beds, homes, arenas
and all the other places of the earth. Appearing in Quiet Beauty is optimal and searched;

loud exceptions of different aesthetics don’t do well on the market—they stand out and for
themselves, will, strength, hot blood and enthusiasm.
Don’t cheat; smile, and make accept.
Good luck! To be a
– caliber for men is an option too: through her
well-roundedness, obeying spirit, accepting attitude, willing magnanimity
AND sassy responses, coquettish looks, intelligent comments, and capturing arguments of intellect, she influences the male world with
style and tactic.
Both are crucial to a successful end of one Warrior-Woman that
knows, predicts, and plays
with it all. It is on every woman to
combine, unify, present and stand for
All of the above;

because undeniably, it is
the right mixture that is the key to a
Man’s World.

Behind the scenes, a woman turns this key softly and
opens the door;
a world-changing woman knows it all.
The truth: finding a way as a woman in today’s society between choosing the
right bra-size, receiving an education, putting on red lipstick, preparing dinner, emptying the dish washer, changing diapers, studying grammar with them, and changing the world
all requires
patience, good will, avoiding rules from time to time, reading, understanding and controlling men’s behavior, knowing what to do when, and taking risks. Yes. It’s a lot.

To be a woman
is being
angel and devil, fighter and peace-maker, controlling perfection and allowing imperfectness.

To be female means cracking up laughing, dancing in the rain, being sexy, thinking practically, making compromises and deals.
However, it pays off with the
pleasures and joys
women share
with the world
when having taken the
Successful Road.

To be a woman is a challenge, opportunity, and a truth, but above all: it is a gift.

Let’s rock it, ladies!