The Secret


Both of us
We carry it
To all places
Every day
Of our lives.
We had to tell them how it happened.
In order to help them solve it.
First you spoke.
Then I backed you up.
Then I spoke and you backed me up.
So we created a web
Of facts.
Two webs: Yours and Mine,
subjectively the same, objectively different.
No, not facts but truths
No, not truths but memories
Yes, a story of memories and of impressions
So we told a story—
a long story
about how it happened,
which we never mentioned.
We were talking so much,
adapting and adopting
each other’s
about the
When Where Who Why,
the How.
Eventually knitting one veil
to wrap
the unbearable truth
And then, once it was written down on paper,
Archived Forever—
We left.
But our story didn’t. It stayed there. Forever.
Which is why the mystery was never solved.
Because we were too scared
To risk our friendship
To be vulnerable
To tell the truth