A Little Bit Like Magic – A Short Synopsis of Miracles

They catch humans off guard without any warnings, when nobody expects a sudden change in momentum. Sometimes they are drastic, loud, shrill, and radical, sometimes ever so small, sweet, and gentle. When they are due, they go in, they take care of business, and they leave—no lingering, always efficient and sufficient. Additionally, they prioritize anonymity, do not ask questions or command justification. After their departure, they leave the impression of a Bigger, Faster, Stronger—a More. Generally, they are not bound to nationality, or race, gender, age, bank account, though sometimes to religion. Sometimes, they turn out to be the answers or solutions to dreams, wishes, desires, visions, imaginations, and prayers, or simply a thought. However, at the end of the day, they can be none of the above and still go down in history, because for them, the impossible is possible, the unimaginable imaginable, and the undoable doable. Indeed, they are magical, but different from magic. Additionally, they are known to have in the past, to currently do, and to most likely always will generate great confusion; they perturb the reasonable mind and communicating with the willing one—and with the heart, of course. They will divide their observers into three groups: “No, not today (or ever),” “Maybe tomorrow—as an exception,” and “Yes, thank you.” And nobody ever really knew, knows, or will know wie es wirklich gewesen ist—how it really happened, but the ones who saw, heard, and felt, they know and trust. They believe in miracles.