Walking on Sunshine

In the early morning hours of this glorious, god-given day, she stepped out of the house and into the tentative sunshine. With shy rays softly caressing her hair, she was on her way into the day.

In the early forenoon hours of this glorious, god-given day, she stepped out of the coffee shop on the corner and into the warm sunshine. With curious rays making the chocolate on the croissant in her hand melt away, she was on her way down the avenue.

At noon, she sat down on the sidewalk, folded her hands to a prayer, and held her face into the loving sun. Right there, with the sun embracing all the shapes and forms and circumstances, the world stopped turning for a few brief moments.

In the early afternoon hours of this glorious, god-given day, she was sitting on a bench by the side of the road, watching children, their mothers, grand-mothers, and life go by.  With the glistening sunshine enhancing all the colors around her, she felt her heart skip a beat. Or two.

When the sun was just about to set behind the gathering of trees in the early evening, she kneeled down into the sand and buried her fingertips in the cold sand of the river bank. When they were resting in her lap shortly after, the lines in the sand found one another; highlighted by the last rays of light, her prayer was washed away by the rippled waves.

Life is great.