They were all hurting, all over, in all places:

She had been dealing with discouraging disagreements; hellos had turned silent and had created temporary animosities.

She was menstruating; hormones were dictating life inside of her and her outside as well.

She had been feeling lonely for a while now; homesickness was invading her heart.

She thought she was simply not able to do it; hurdles were  all around.

She was worried about the health of a loved-one; hospitalized, her friend was far away and in a situation of uncertainty.

And then her sister called.

And then her neighbor knocked on her door and brought two mugs of hot, steaming tea.

And then her childhood girlfriend took her on a walk along the river.

And then her mother left her a hand-written note. That she loved her.

These young women, they were all hurting, all over, in all places, on this Thursday. But then another woman was there for each of them, and together, they shared the fears, pains, doubts, and worries. Together, on this ordinary Thursday, they shared a broken Hallelujah.