The Piano

P ushed is each with one of the ten,

this thing enchants just all the men.

sound’s created from Black and White

– its job is to make world’s hearts bright.


I ndependent, by it-self, alone

would White and Black be the gray gravestone.

but together, combined and united,

heaven’s blessings are instantly cited.


A ppearing sexy there in black,

the wing is opened fully back.

it’s like the lady’s lipstick in red

appealing, mythic, its intentions ahead.


N ever not ready to get to the start

it does not matter if You or Mozart.

it waits to change the stone-cold heart

with each of the notes, that makes this art.


O verwhelming is this special thing,

mysterious, holy, certainly amazing

– to spread the music does it know

the single, black Grand Piano.