Normal Is

Then and Now

Normal is traditional:

Marriage, Divorce.

People’s innocence, Adolescents’ canny, hardened facades.

Conscience, Unscrupulousness.

Normal is repetitive:

Togetherness, Individualism.

Dinner table, Car seats.

Religious services, awakening—godlessness.

Normal is complete:

Propriety, Laissez-faire.

Truth, Lies.

Commitment, Corruption.

Normal is ordinary:

Flowers on the windowsill, lipstick on the collar.

Mother’s pearls, her piercing and cleavage.

The blue sky, the smog.

Normal is usual:

The way to school, the school bus’s honk.

The bike’s flat tire, the late train.

The sound of the bell tower, the silence.

Normal is familiar:

Mother’s smell, the new perfume.

Open curtains, closed blinds.

Baked bread, bought pastries.

Normal is welcome:

A hand-written card, an E-Mail.

The flowers, the jewels.

The kindness, the anonymity.

Normal is want:

Occasional passion, frequent alternative.

To try, and to walk away.

The gossip and rumors, then and now.


Normal is lost—


lies are spread.

parents split up.

conflicts are unresolved.

and women are denied.

secrets are shared.

fists are used.

partners hear but do not listen.

commitments corrupted.

companions stab from behind.

hands hurt.

children are left alone and behind.

leaders abuse their power.

and authorities disregard the weak.

promises are forgotten.

hearts bleed.

harm is wished upon desired cherished.

humans turn into egotistical monsters.

rights are non-existent.

humanity is dehumanized

When you Lie Cheat Steal.


When God is forgotten.

When, then we are no more.

It’s lost, today, isn’t it?


Why? Is Normal above and beyond the doable? Is it that difficult to invest effort, time, will, willingness, strength, heart, enthusiasm, determination, belief, destiny?


Normal is a legend.

Normal is no more.

Never has been.

Never will be.


It’s normal. It’s not the norm.