Clouds (Translation for Clouds)

It was the last evening—the last evening before the separation, the uncertain. But they were yet safe.

He and she were lying on the wooden dock by the pond, enwrapped by the breeze of the night and conjoint affection. In the background, lumbers were cracking unassertively, accommodating the two friends’ resonating fear of letting go. A few clouds kept the universe from eavesdropping on the damped, vulnerable conversation.

Intending to turn the conversation from the brittle future towards the present moment, she interpreted an image that a clan of clouds had drawn in the sky as the shape of a hand. The heel of the hand, the fingers, and even the fingernails were highly visible, so she described. After a few breaths, which made her profound words glide towards the open space across the pond, he took her hand and by doing so, he mirrored the wide of the sky in this small gesture, capturing a piece of its boundlessness. Gently, he waited for her consent and finally, she accepted the touch. Slowly, he laid the netting of hands on his warm chest and left it there to rest; his breath slowly carried it up and down.

Thereafter, the clouds formed lips in his eyes. Naturally, this image foreshadowed a continuation of the conversation, so she finished his thoughts. But as he had thought differently, he bent over her and kissed her on the lips. What a “disagreement.”

Instantaneously, the world held its breath and stopped moving. The moment was too fragile, the uncertain future too near. The light of the moon wrapped the beauty of the moment into its eternal archive, like saran wrap conserves goods for a later point in time. Her agreeing decision witnessed her spontaneity of being able to switch fluidly from plan A to plan B: she embedded herself into the brief moment of wonderful nearness. His breath laid itself upon the features of her face in order to remember them forever while her eyelashes brushed smoothly over his forehead. As their lips were touching so knowingly, they recaptured every moment they had spent together. Suddenly, everything was resolved. A friendship was sealed.