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On a tiny boat, they spent three days in early summer, eating fresh bread, watching the ducklings next door, tending to their delicate love. He called that place home a … Continue reading

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the tide

from a Belgium beach with the ladies to Brussels Plaza here with a Shanghai friend onward through Berlin, running into two pals, back to a Boston catch-up at Frieda’s nook, … Continue reading

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art in Cologne

whether they are large or small, shrill or quiet, abstract or quite tangible — they only have in common the large white walls upon which they hang and our wide … Continue reading

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a Cathedral among women, she is there for you and me always, with light shining in and music moving feet. built a long time ago for an entirely miraculous purpose … Continue reading

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this and that

these days were filled with this and that, here and there with these and those ones. there were cups of coffee sipped in the sunshine, grandma visits, dad and mom … Continue reading

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oh balloons

If I’d seen him walking out of that prison into the arms of his wife and the photo which the journalist posted, I’d have sent a bunch of balloons up … Continue reading

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Letting in

“Fitting in is when you want to be a part of something. Belonging is when others want you.” (Brené Brown and very wise middle schoolers) I want to be very … Continue reading

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three ladies

one is sitting at a laundromat way past dusk in the dark in the middle of the metropolis with half a glass of white waiting for the load to be … Continue reading

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our sink is splashed with plentiful colors, our apartment inhabited by friends, the streets pulsing with all the masses and this town claimed by music, beer, and joys. my love … Continue reading

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a really very splendid good day

it didn’t start this way and it didn’t end this way either, this day and week and even month, but everything beyond the bells and responsibilities reminded me of the fact that … Continue reading

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Since 11/2/5

The day I’ll have done something other than live and write poetry for more than seven years, I shall remain with it forever.  

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there’s an exhaustion that only ebbs, I know it. and then there’s this: fatigue, finally, which flows. the former comes from fraud committed against one’s purpose, the latter from flowing in … Continue reading

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from one to

so this past weekend, a goldfish jumped out of a glass bowl and into the ocean. the more it was jumping, the smaller the bowl seemed and the larger and … Continue reading

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getting this right

some started this year with goals such as to drink not, ban sweets, jog more, perhaps be kinder, too. all four are on my list, going strong on day 11. then I … Continue reading

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so into the new year we hiked up the snow-covered mountain, vertically, far away from paths, and shelter to hide from the gruesome gusts. the name of the mountain resonates among … Continue reading

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radio tune

for Christmas mass this year, we went to our local church made of red brick and village gossip. everything went as usual to the point where leaving the club still … Continue reading

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last week I joined Twitter, solely for professional matters. (…as if I could just take off my private parts like a coat. oh no.) it claims to be the place where it … Continue reading

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The First Quarter

If it so happens, graciously, that this is the first of four quarters, then the prospect is a mighty good one. And if there’s a succession of auxiliary verbs that … Continue reading

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our new apartment, which isn’t actually brand new anymore, but still occasionally feels this way when I commute back to it on the designated free days, holds up the roof … Continue reading

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good work

it thrills and ignites, it swears and it sweats, it also bows and vows, it moves and it shakes, it stretches and bends, it serves and it lends, it hopes … Continue reading

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