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at the Tate

1) and for 30 some meters, I walked along a corridor drenched in fog and a bright yellow light. it was impossible to make out the origin of this warm and immediate experience. psychedelic drugs must induce this feeling or a near-death moment or the instant of being born or born again. 2) a little […]


an elderly Russian couple taking plate by plate with cake and even more cake and letting all of it disappear in the depths of the grocery bags between their legs. a Somali woman with her two sons “success” and “love”, granting them the kind of Christmas that allows for them to share their experience with […]

showing up

it isn’t easy to curl out of the warmth and comfort of home these days when all moments before dawn are covered in a white layer of frost. thick fields of fog stretch along the river valley which I bike through on my way toward the station. but then, after a few moments out in […]


he wears a hat and a moustache and has been to places and through things in his mind. he looks straight ahead, but diffusely so and keeps things to himself. she, wearing red — velvet or silk, one cannot tell — has put up her hair for the night. she knows about the poise she’s got, […]

building things

so as these luscious opportunities present themselves to co-create our work place and relationship and other things of great earthly importance, Steven’s question about which house we want to build inevitably arises (Acts 7: 48). truly, the options between heaven and earth are countless. it all could be this, it all could be that; right […]

day 4

saw my sisters. called grandma on her 91st. cleaned the entire apartment. sent some very important emails. and some postcards. got my yoga stuff in order. had a beer on the couch. watched the news. read them, too. felt the excitement for the work week ahead. missed and still miss my person. wrote these little lines. […]