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thank you

as I walk the streets of this city at 37° Celcius and at this point quite pregnant, I just wanted to thank these limbs and bones and skins for having been just so eagerly transforming, welcoming every change throughout the last nine months. let’s walk the final mile and stay strong and rest when need […]


we just wanted to let you know that while it’s so great to cuddle with you through skin and sheets, we’re so excited to cuddle with you out here, too. so whenever you’re ready, we might not be, but we’ll be here, always, the same crazy folks you’ve been hearing and feeling for the past […]

the whale

prior to this experience, I always assumed that our hearts make us all of us oceans, pumping blood turning into rolling tides right here in our veins (Anis Mojgani, Shake the Dust). well, now, the space between my chest and hips, growing and expanding day by day, truly feels as though an ocean specifically has […]

making space

on the other side of the world, the funeral of an African-American man is taking place right now. he, unarmed and handcuffed, was killed by a white officer‘s knee pressed into his neck for more than eight minutes. riots erupted in America as well has here and many other communities suffering, still, under white privileged […]

in the fields

corona and pregnancy decelerate this life over here at the moment: work happens remotely only. options for travel and entertainment and distraction are fewer. all activities center around the home and neighborhood. so there’s time, right now, to pack up the bag, grab sun screen and glasses, hop on the sattle, and ride on out […]