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the first skinny-dip of the year happened last night with a friend just after sunset at a lake nearby and it was glorious. in these times of new rules and regulations, of social distancing and avoidance, or lots of hours spent at home, it’s become more important than ever to do things out of the […]


it’s been the first week of warmer weather around these sceneries. anytime that warm breeze sweeps in through the slanted windows of this top floor apartment and caresses the bare skin and all these tiny hairs, a jolt hits these limbs and makes their waking superb. indeed, this is no time to pass up on […]

at the fair

when you can’t go to the fair in the charming center of your town because it’s been canceled for an indefinite period of time, it’s time to bring it inside with all its magic. so we put up those fairly lights along those old beams on the ceiling, spiced our punch with wild berries and […]