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getting this right

some started this year with goals such as to drink not, ban sweets, jog more, perhaps be kinder, too. all four are on my list, going strong on day 11. then I … Continue reading

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so into the new year we hiked up the snow-covered mountain, vertically, far away from paths, and shelter to hide from the gruesome gusts. the name of the mountain resonates among … Continue reading

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radio tune

for Christmas mass this year, we went to our local church made of red brick and village gossip. everything went as usual to the point where leaving the club still … Continue reading

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last week I joined Twitter, solely for professional matters. (…as if I could just take off my private parts like a coat. oh no.) it claims to be the place where it … Continue reading

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The First Quarter

If it so happens, graciously, that this is the first of four quarters, then the prospect is a mighty good one. And if there’s a succession of auxiliary verbs that … Continue reading

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our new apartment, which isn’t actually brand new anymore, but still occasionally feels this way when I commute back to it on the designated free days, holds up the roof … Continue reading

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good work

it thrills and ignites, it swears and it sweats, it also bows and vows, it moves and it shakes, it stretches and bends, it serves and it lends, it hopes … Continue reading

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It’s similar to a swarm, dark and expensively expansive, utterly unaware of itself due to collective socialization in privilege, and each staring at the portal or, occasionally, other objects of … Continue reading

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setting up camp

and when I’d come home late after participating in the world — the loud one, run by mostly men — he’d built up our little tent the tiny, scrawny, yellow … Continue reading

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Labor Observations

After the initial period of perpetual novelty, routines begin to set into the labor that I do. Slippery mosses grow over and about these youthful, foolishly splendid attitudes of awe. It … Continue reading

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Three Days In

Three days into the new adventure, the new topics, dialogs and abbreviations, the new duties and responsibilities, the glass building, the parking chip, the entry card and electronic devices, the heels, … Continue reading

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“Until death do you part,” they say, insinuating that one, there aren’t any other aspects of life that have the power to part just as harshly as death, and that two, … Continue reading

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Madame Sahara

One side of summer in the city and countryside alike, aside from youthful dreams during kitschy sunrise hours, hungry encounters with Eros in nights of the full moon, and clarity … Continue reading

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It’s Over / or / So Over It

“Religion gets in the way of relationship,” he said to me on that bench under the tree, among other poignant phrases. We didn’t see eye-to-eye on most topics under the … Continue reading

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She once said to me (–this was the last conversation we had before she passed–) to swim in love. Whenever I can, wherever, just intensely, fully, and drowningly so. She … Continue reading

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Dining in Hohhot

At three o’clock a lonely lady, more girl, still, than grown woman, taking selfies in which her botox lips suggest a promiscuous innocence to a sea of digital strangers. To … Continue reading

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Tourism Truths

Like a poisonous snake and just as shiny with hissing, humming sounds, the bus advances through the fields but arrives merely half as elegantly in front of the flashing sign. … Continue reading

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TFD MSAct Sommerschule

Ein Satz für ein Team jeden Tag zwei Wochen lang Ich staune mächtig über diese Teamauswahl, über das immense Potential und die weitreichende Perspektive… Die groben und feinen Pläne stehen, … Continue reading

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Summer in Berlin

Long after the sun has gone down, the pavement still steams and fumes. The leaves hang loosely, almost dead; all movement has come to a halt. Even though the windows … Continue reading

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And then a few clicks and a few words and some train rides and some runs and there’s a new job in the pipeline and a new flat and the … Continue reading

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